Blow-Up • Teenage News (Collected 1976-1980)

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Teenage News CD new version

1. Too Bad (Top Cat Demo)
2. You're All I Want (Top Cat Demo)
3. Teenage News (Unreleased Bomp #126-A)
4. Hanging Out At the 7-Eleven (Unreleased Bomp #126-B)
5. (It Isn't) 1965
6. Armed Robbery
7. Tell It to the Judge
8. Souvenir
9. Catch Saturday Night
10. Mercy Mercy (Live At Mabuhay Gardens)
11. Kicking Up a Fuss (Single Version)
12. Just Like Anne Boleyn
13. Local Hero
14. On Target (Single B-Side)
15. Beat the Devil
16. You're the One That I Want (Live At the Whisky)


1 Too Bad (Top Cat Demo)
2 You’re All I Want (Top Cat Demo)
3 Teenage News
4 Hanging Out at the 7-Eleven (Original Version)
5 (It Isn’t) 1965
6 Armed Robbery
7 Tell It to the Judge
8 Souvenir
9 Catch Saturday Night
10 Mercy Mercy (Live)
11 Kicking Up A Fuss (Single Edit)
12 Just Like Anne Boleyn
13 Local Hero
14 Beat The Devil
15 On Target
16 You Beat Me to the Punch
Bonus Tracks:
17 Joie De Vivre (Live)
18 Downtown/New Orleans (Live)
19 Showdown (Live)

Vocals: Jody Worth
Guitars: Bruce Nicholson (all tracks) Pat DiPuccio (6-19) Tommy Dunbar (1,2)
Keyboards: Christian Super (all) Daniel Lazarus (14,15)
Bass: David Harrington (6-9,17,18) Barry McBride (3,4) Matt Li (10) Don Walton (11-16,19)
Drums: Art Arroyo (6-19) Doug Cater (1,2) David West (3-5,10)

All songs written by Worth/Nicholson; © Blow-Up Music (ASCAP); (11,14) Warner Bros. Music (ASCAP); except “Teenage News” (Sylvain/Johansen), “Mercy Mercy” (Covay), “You Beat Me to the Punch” (Robinson), “Downtown” (Thunders/ Johansen), “New Orleans” (Guida/Royster), “Showdown” (Gamble/Huff). “Teenage News,” “7-Eleven” courtesy Bomp Records; “Kicking Up A Fuss,” “Beat the Devil,” “On Target” courtesy Capitol Records; “Mercy Mercy” KALX-FM; “Joie De Vivre” KLA-FM.

(1,2) Recorded 4/76 at Folsom Studios, San Francisco (3,4) Produced by Greg Shaw & Blow-Up; Recorded 3/78 at Paramount Studios (5) Produced by Blow-Up & Michael Harrison; Recorded 6/78 at Kitchen Sync (6,7) Produced by Alan Douglas; Recorded 2/79 at Studio 55 (8,9) Produced by Chas Ramirez & Blow-Up; Recorded 7/79 at Casbah Studios (10) KALX-FM Live Broadcast recorded 8/16/78 by David Josephson at Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco (11,13,14) Produced by Jody Worth & Bill Evans; Recorded 3/80 at RCA Studios Hollywood (12,15,16) Produced by Blow-Up & Daniel Lazarus; Recorded 4/80 at One Step Up (17) KLA-FM Live Broadcast recorded 9/27/79 by Tom Weir at Gazzarri’s (18) Recorded live 4/3/79 at the Whisky A-Go-Go (19) Recorded live 2/80 at S. I. R. Hollywood • Live bonus tracks included for historical purposes; some source material may not be up to sound standards

Contributing Reporters: Debbie, Missy, Marvin & Joan, Tommy D, Bradley, Rocky Hill, Larry Kelp, Jonathan Postal, Bob, Keith G, Brendan Mullen, Jill Masters, Al Kowelewski, Greg Shaw (RIP), Alan Douglas, Richard Perry, Chas Ramirez (RIP), David Maher, Ron DeBlasio, Michelle Myer (RIP), Doc Pelzel, Dirk Dirksen, Michael & the Shades (RIP), Rodney B, Steve Wax, Shep Gordon, Emily Shenkin, Milt Olin, Doug D’Arcy, Sandy Lieberson, Robert Downey Sr. (A Prince), Bleu Evans, Jack Nitzsche (RIP), Hubert DLB, Noa, Leee Childers, Mike Lieberman, Dutch, Trudy, the Plungers & Canterbury crew, Jill & Vicki Yamamoto … Zoe and Sara …

This compilation © 2006 Blow-Up Music